Things I’ve Done

I’ve been lucky enough to do some pretty amazing things during my time here. I’ve flown a Boeing 757 simulator, which I landed successfully at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak airport without hitting a single building. I’ve been to Salem, Massachusetts and attended a Samhain ritual there. I’ve met Davros (and had a drink with him), he’s an incredibly lovely bloke and not nearly as tyrannical (or wrinkled) as Doctor Who would have you believe. I learned how to pilot the Shuttle Orbiter when I was a teenager, and was very sad when it was retired from service. But I did get to watch a shuttle launch in Florida, which was an exciting and emotional experience. I’ve written a lot too, my pièce de résistance being a 50,000-word murder-mystery novel called “Something Twisted This Way Comes”. I’m very proud of it, especially as nobody who’s read it has ever guessed the ending.

I’ve also travelled extensively, and have been all over the USA. I’ve stayed in the Waldorf Astoria in New York, a swamp shack in Mississippi, and was living in Washington DC during the 9-11 attacks. I’ve survived a tornado alert in Memphis, toured Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, visited the FBI HQ (I asked them how many times they get questioned about Mulder and Scully) and attended a Mystery Science Theater 3000 convention in Minneapolis, where me and my buddy were the only foreigners.

And I’ve been in the TARDIS. Maybe one day I’ll get to travel in it.


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