My Music

I believe that music has a singular spirituality and an ability to lift the soul – I have a fairly immense collection of it (including a large amount on vinyl). However, my tastes are somewhat eclectic and at least eighty percent of it will be unfamiliar to mainstream listeners, I’m afraid. It includes absolutely no pop or jazz; the former because I just don’t like it, and the latter because I don’t understand it. I tend to buy singles rather than albums, and they’re usually songs I’ve heard somewhere, liked and sought out. It’s better that way.

I play a variety of strange and unusual instruments, including a Bahco Sandvik musical saw, bass guitar, Tenori-On and recorder, and am a member of the band ‘Sawgasm’ although we have yet to record anything because we can’t stop laughing at our name.

I provided lead vocals for two tracks on the tongue-in-cheek album ‘Inside Your Mind’, as well as writing one of the songs, called “Read My Mind”. My next song, “Antisocial Bastard”, is under the promise of being recorded once the laughter has been suppressed.

It was music that prompted me to buy a Playstation 3 after Christmas solely for the game Guitar Hero, which I first played in a pub at someone’s leaving do. Since then I’ve become an expert Bass Hero, but am still a fairly mediocre Guitar one. I put this down to the fact that my brain is wired to the rhythm section. I’ve never been one to lead.

I also set up and maintain a forum for a wonderful cult band called the Tiger Lillies, and once walked around London dressed as a nun to promote them. They look scary but they’re the loveliest blokes in real life, and their music is superb, so go look them up.

And keep rockin’.


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