About Me

So, me. I’m essentially a very shy person. I was painfully shy and withdrawn at school, but during my many years of employment at an international airport I learned to hide the fact by becoming somewhat gobby. Last year, I left there to join a small company based in Reading and I now work from home, where I can be gobby but nobody knows about it.

I barely watch TV these days, but I do love The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who and CSI:Crime Scene Investigation (I have a thing for guys  who are intelligent and geeky, yet slightly weird). In my spare time I’m studying Forensic Science, just for fun. This enables me to watch the aforementioned crime drama and point out the errors, also just for fun.

I’m a lover of music, laughter, lycanthropy and positive energy; a writer; a nature photographer; a stargazer and a dreamer. My friends think me a bit strange and unusual, but I’m okay with that. However, this may have something to do with my fears of man-made things underwater, raw milk, zombies and David Foley.

My drink of choice is mulled wine, and my favourite word is ‘elixir’.


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