The CD Cover Meme

Hey, it’s an oldie but a goodie; the CD Cover Meme! Mine’s above, but I want you to get creative and make your own…

I’ve made a few little tweaks to the process, so if you’d like to give it a try for yourself just follow the directions below:

1. Generate a name for your band by using WikiPedia’s Random Page Selector Tool – the first item that pops up  is going to be your band name, no matter how weird or lame it is. However, if you get the name of a real band or a person, you have my permission to click on ‘Random Article’ on the left of the page to generate a new one. Unless it would be really funny to use. It’s up to you…

You can also add the place your album was recorded live at by taking the first location you get on the same search. Mine’s a hospital – I’m not sure if my band were visiting it or resident to it, if I’m honest.

2. Generate an album title by cutting and pasting the last four words of the final quote on whichever page appears when you click on the Quotations Page‘s random quote selector tool. No matter what those words turn out to be.

3. Finally, visit Flickr’s Most Interesting page — a random selection of some of the interesting things discovered on Flickr within the last 7 days — and download the third picture on that page. If it’s one that doesn’t permit downloading, use the next available one that does. You have to use this picture no matter how you feel about it, but I’ll let you edit it or use a part of it if you want to. I’m nice like that.

4. Get your art on and, using Photoshop (or whatever method you prefer), put all of these elements together and create your very own CD cover. Please feel free to upload it and post a link to it here, so I can see!

What are you waiting for? Go!

Peace out…


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