Pointless Conversation…

Well, that was a waste of twenty-five minutes…

Welcome to Vodafone! You will now be connected with a service adviser. Your approximate wait time is 0 minute(s) and 1 seconds. . We’re looking forward to assisting you today.

You are now connected with Harsh.

Harsh: Hello, you’re chatting with Harsh, one of Vodafone’s online customer service specialists.  May I take your full name and mobile number please?

You: Yes, it’s Belinda Hirons and my mobile number is *************.

Harsh: Hello Belinda, how’s the day been so far?

You: Quiet! I’ve had no service on either my personal mobile nor my company mobile most of this afternoon and most of yesterday afternoon! They’re both on Vodafone…

Harsh: I empathize with your situation of not being able to avail Vodafone services.

You: Do you know if there’s an issue in the south-east of England?

Harsh: I’ll surely assist you with this issue and help you get resolved your query.

You: Ok….

Harsh: I’ll have to look in your account to be able to help you with that.

Harsh: In order to resolve your query I’ll need to verify your details for security purposes. Let me ask you a few questions in order to assist you.

Harsh: Would you be able to verify your method of payment, first line of address with the post code and your date of birth for security reasons?

You: Well, my company phone is registered to my boss, so they’re his details. I don’t know them.

You: All I need to know is if there is an issue with service in the South East of England…

Harsh: I can see that you are a business customer, hence what I can do for you is that I can call you and connect you to our dedicated business team who would help you with this.

Harsh: Shall I call you if you have any alternate number?

You: I don’t need the business service, I just need to know if there is an issue with service?

You: You can’t call me because I have no service…

Harsh: If you have any alternate number which I can call on?

You: I just have the two Vodafone mobiles

You: So I’m a bit cut-off right now

Harsh: I understand you situation and empathize with this situation.

You: So are there any outages in the South East of England at the moment, are you able to tell me or not?

Harsh: Please stay connected while I check this for you.

You: Thanks. 🙂

Harsh: Thank you for your patience.

Harsh: The post code that you provided has full network signal.

Harsh: As I haven’t checked the account details to see the service level, I would provide you with the troubleshooting steps.

Harsh: I would request you to perform the soft reset for your handset.

Harsh: Could you please help me with the handset make and model?

You: So why would I have no service on two independent mobile phones? One is an HTC, and one is an iPhone5.

You: I’ve already tried turning them off and on again…

Harsh: Have you tried removing SIM card from both the handsets?

You: No, but why would they both have the same problem at the same time?

Harsh: I do understand your concern and as I’ve informed you that without checking your account, I will not be able to comment on the service you are receiving.

Harsh: Hence, I request you to get in touch with our Business team.

Harsh: If you wish, I can connect you with our Business team right away.

You: And your business team will talk to me when I can’t provide any of the details for the phone account holder?

Harsh: I am sure, they will be able to help you on this further.

(Note: They won’t, I’ve tried this before, plus he’s already told me he can’t comment on an account when he doesn’t have the details!)

You: Okay then…

Harsh: May I take your alternate number on which I can call you?

You: I just told you I don’t have one….

You: Both Vodafone, both no service.

You: Can they not talk to me on Chat here?

Harsh: I am afraid, but they are available only on call. You can call them if this is better?

You: Okay, never mind then. I can’t call them because I have no phone service. But thanks.

Harsh: Your welcome.

Harsh: I hope I could have assist you today to resolve your concern.

Harsh: Thank you for contacting Vodafone Customer Services.

Harsh: Have a nice day and take care.

Harsh: Goodbye.


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